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Child Welfare Services

MFCR leadership has developed and directed programs within child welfare for over 20 years and is known for providing the highest quality trauma informed treatment services to children, adolescents, and adults that will help families cope with the sometimes crippling effects that abuse and neglect cause in the community. Child welfare is part of MFCR’s core mission of bringing top quality mental health services to families.
The cornerstone of this core mission includes:

Trauma Informed Practice:
MFCR believes that uniform and accepted assessment is a priority before incorporating a treatment approach. Some of our staff is CANS certified and we are in the process of having all of our staff CANS certified. We utilize trauma specific psychometrics. While there is a plethora of research published for children who have experienced adverse childhood experiences, TF-CBT has been demonstrated to show high rates of treatment effectiveness.

Community Engagement:
MFCR has the capability to provide services in the homes of the families it serves. Our clinicians are trained and experienced at providing mental health services within the environments that the families are most comfortable. Due to our multiple office locations we are able to service much of the Chicago-land area. Our staff is experienced at participating in school meetings, and court proceedings.
We also work on building parenting skills and healthy relationships through mentoring.

Family Systems:
MFCR eco-systemic model of service delivery.
We believe that the children are best served when family and close relationships can be maintained and strengthened. Our eco-systemic model of service aligns the family to move as a cohesive unit so all members move in the same direction for the betterment of the child and family.

Strength-based Model:
Strength based models are often spoken or written about, but sadly the actual practices do not often live up to the promises. MFCR improves upon the concept of strength-based service delivery. From point of entry, MFCR is able to identify and build upon the strengths of the patient and the family system. CANS assessments, growth oriented treatment goals and objectives as well as resiliency and solution-focused interventions are some of the examples of strengths being woven throughout the service process.

MFCR's eco-systemic approach to services lends well to a higher level of communication and collaboration between all important stakeholders. We understand how each stakeholder’s role is important to the overall well-being of the child and family. We are skilled at identifying how the stakeholders can fit together and offer the best possible chance of meeting the service plan permanency goal. We have cultivated relationships with schools, faith based organizations, community resources, court systems, and other child welfare providers to reach favorable outcomes.

MFCR values providing great clinical services to individuals and families in group settings. We are committed to staying up to date on practices, research, and training.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you or your contract liaison to discuss a community service partnership.